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  • Write Anyway Write Anyway (When you Encounter your Critics) and Find Your Story - When we first decide to write, we feel good about it—we have memories and stories that are a part of who we are. We want to capture times long gone and preserve them in story form, and leave a record and legacy about our lives. But other voices get in the way: “What will people […]
  • How do we censor ourselves? What do we do when others try to silence us? In the middle of the political debates, these topics have risen to the top: the right to speak, the right to be silent, and the power of words. Every day we witness word battles on TV and on social media. And when we’re writing, we find ourselves with our own struggles to say our truths and how much to keep our silence. We live in a world where what we say and how we say it can ultimately reach many people, and quickly. In the heat of the moment, we may wish to take back our words that have already flown out into the world, but sometimes that spontaneous expression is our most authentic self. One thing is for certain, if you are a writer, you're aware that you have an audience, that you can reach out in a huge way to the rest of the world—through your stories, your blog posts, your online writing groups, and through social media. Often social media can be a way to try to right wrongs, or it can be used to attack. As always, we can choose what we say and how we say it. But what if others try to silence us? What if our stories have ventured into the realm of discomfort for some readers? When I hear about instances of censorship in the writing world, I draw upon my own philosophy of how I prefer to run writing groups, whether in person or online, and how I support writers. For the last twenty years I have conducted writing workshops in which I define our context as “a safe, sacred space” where what needs to be revealed can be without censure. A place where feelings and secrets that have been hidden for a long time can come into the light of day so the writer can view these issues from all sides. So what is in the dark can come into the light. That does not mean that everything written will be golden, or that everyone will be comfortable, including the writer. In fact, discomfort is often the result of honest writing, of digging deep to find truths that were hidden or unbidden or even previously unknown by us, buried somewhere in our unconscious minds. If we as readers are uncomfortable with what we read or hear, it's an opportunity to look within ourselves to see what button is being triggered. It is never right for us to silence the writer. Their story belongs to them, and comes from a unique point of view. I'm not talking about trash talking or vicious personal attacks here—I'm referring to the authentic stories that are struggling to be released. As a writing community we not only need to invite these stories, but to support the writer's right to have their story. We are living during a time when our true and authentic stories desperately need to be told. We are the voices, the witnesses, to what we have seen, lived, and experienced. This is personal history that's being revealed, which paints a picture of our times, of who we are worldwide as people. We are in a global community and all the stories matter. All stories offer a window into worlds many of us don't know, but need to know about. I wish you all the freedom to write, to express and to be received with compassion and good will. Censorship—The Hot Topic of the Week - How do we censor ourselves? What do we do when others try to silence us? In the middle of the political debates, these topics have risen to the top: the right to speak, the right to be silent, and the power of words. Every day we witness word battles on TV and on social media. […]
  • The Memoirist’s Dilemma—Vulnerability and Truth in Memoir The Memoirist’s Dilemma—Vulnerability and Truth in Memoir - Isn’t it amazing that we’re invited into strangers’ living rooms and lives and psyches, even their bedrooms, in a memoir? And we, as memoirists, are told that in order to write a good memoir, we must open up our lives this way! We have to become that open, that vulnerable. Many times during workshops I […]

Magic of Memoir: A Weekend of Craft, Process, and Publishing

October 15 & 16, 2016 Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA
  • Expert panelists
  • Opportunity to engage with teachers and panelists, and to win one-on-one consultations
  • Time to write
  • What makes a successful memoir?
  • What agents are looking for
  • Raffle with excellent prizes!
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  • Grant Faulkner September Roundtable Discussion – FREE to All - Why NaNoWriMo is Important for Memoirists Presentation by Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month  September 15, 2016 4 PM PDT  5 PM MDT  6 PM CDT  7 PM EDT Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month, November 1-30, known as NaNoWriMo will join us to talk about how you can […]

The Next NAMW Member Teleseminar

  • Judy Reeves Dancing with the Muse—How Writing Prompts Evoke Spontaneous, Authentic Writing - Judy Reeves September Member Teleseminar September 23, 2016 11 AM PDT    12 PM MDT    1 PM CDT   2 PM EDT Someone says, “Write about a full moon,” and a slight hum of response tickles the writer’s fingers. Just a word: “mosaic” or “iridescent” or “skin,” and images appear as if by magic. A line from […]
  • Memoir in 6 Months

    Write Your Memoir in Six Months offers the support, encouragement, and accountability you’re looking for to write the book that’s in your heart. Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers are experienced memoir teachers and passionate believers in the magic of memoir. It's magical to tell your story—to bring to life something that’s lived inside you. It's so gratifying to offer your personal truth to others.
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  • Coaching

    I love working with writers! The creative process is a place where we drop into our true creative selves and make a difference in the world.

    To stay focused and make real progress, you need three things:

    1) Support in deciding what your story is about—themes & topics.
    2) Feedback to develop your skills—story structure, scenes, dialogue, character development, tone, and voice.
    3) Help with navigating writing & editing to publishing and marketing.
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  • Speaking Engagements

    Linda Joy Myers is available to speak at your next conference or event. The audience will learn how writing can deepen self-awareness and help them develop a new perspective on their past so they can move gracefully into their future. Audience members will take with them a feeling of empowerment, knowing they are in control of their own destiny. Linda Joy’s inspirational message of finding courage, learning forgiveness, and focused self-listening can change their lives. Read More
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This self-guided course leads you from your desire to write a memoir to building the skills to get started writing right away. You learn what a memoir is, how to think about themes, how to write compelling scenes, & how to develop your structure. In less than four weeks, you will have a plot, an outline for your book, and scenes you can develop as you start to write. If you like to work at your own pace and take time to develop your ideas, this course will help you learn writing skills & achieve your goals...
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  • cora4 Featured NAMW Member – Coralease C. Ruff - In January, 1997 my world as I knew it came crashing down around me. My 21-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic, where she had gone to serve as a missionary.  This journey of survival took me through some very dark and scary valleys, over some gigantic mountains, and finally […]