Carol Wessling

Carol Wessling

My name is Carol Wessling, and I live and write in Bellevue, NE. I am a retired psych nurse with 7 children and 11 grandchildren…two more on the way!!

For over two years now, I have belonged to a memoir writing group that meets monthly. When the group started, I didn’t think I wanted to write memoir – I was much more interested in other types of writing. However, being in the group and also belonging to Story Circle Network has really opened a whole new area of interest for me. I now find that I have a whole file of memoir stories that I’m planning to leave for my children and grandchildren. I’m just now beginning to try to organize those into some sort of coherent whole, so that I can publish them for my family.

My primary focus for writing is to find my authentic voice and let it be heard. To that end, I’m also writing a novel, and I enjoy poetry and journaling as well. I love to read also, and my favorite books are about strong women who somehow ‘find themselves’ …as in “A Year By the Sea” and “Gift From the Sea”. I also collect May Sarton books.

I am forever trying to organize my life in order to spend more guilt-free time writing. I love to take classes online, go to workshops, and do whatever I can to enhance my interest in and ability to write.

I really look forward to the help of NAMW in the coming year as I work on my memoirs and continue to get my story down. So far, I’m very impressed with the organization!

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