Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.

The Power of Platform: Building Tools and Keys to Success to Help Authors Promote Themselves and Their Work

Linda Joy Myers & Marketing Consulting Staci Motherwell

Date: Friday April 23, 2010

Time: 11 AM PDT |12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT |2 PM EDT

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Everywhere authors go, the term “platform” comes up, especially with agents and publishers. Some writers start worrying when they hear that they need to have a platform—wondering what is it and how they can create it. Agents and publishers want an author to have more than a book to offer them. In fact, most agents and publishers say they won’t consider an author who does not have a website, a blog, a following on Facebook and Twitter, and the other social networking sites, and a marketing plan that is well thought out, which these days might include a blog tour. When her new book The Power of Memoir was released, Linda participated in a month long blog tour, and will share her experience.

Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • What is an Author Platform & Why Do I Need One?
  • Is an Author Platform the Same Thing as My Identity?
  • Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
  • Keys to Success
  • Tools to Build Your Platform
  • …..and More

As a writer, you most likely find pleasure in creating your work, tuning into your muse, and all this marketing and platform stuff leaves you cold. But you can learn it, slowly and surely, along the way as you continue to write and complete your book. Just accept that it requires the other, more linear side of your brain. Give yourself permission to be patient and open to learning this new world.

There are so many ways to set up a blog or a website and develop a following. Linda and her Marketing Consultant, Staci Motherwell, will talk about the tools that can be used, and how to get familiar with creating a platform without sacrificing your soul and your muse as you do it.

Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., MFT, is the President and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and a family therapist who has practiced in Berkeley, California for thirty years. She is the prize-winning author of Don’t Call Me Mother and Becoming Whole. Linda Joy offers online teleseminars on memoir writing, and is an editor and memoir coach. Linda learned about marketing despite being mostly a therapist, poet, and artist, so you can too.

Staci Motherwell is an escapee of the corporate marketing & business development rat race who has spent the last 8 years helping authors, non-profits and technology firms as well as a variety of web based businesses.  She assists with the development of author and business identities as well as strategic business planning.  She also assists a select group of clients–including Linda Joy Myers and the National Association of Memoir Writers–with the execution and management of their tactical marketing & business development plans, to include online and offline marketing efforts as well as client servicing and business development.   She also moonlights as a mother and teacher to two home educated children.  Learn more about Staci at

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