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Spring 2013 Telesummit

The Spring 2013 Telesummit was a great day–stimulating and informative with five top presenters in memoir, marketing, and self-publishing–and it was so fun! The energy and enthusiasm of Denise Ledoux, Jerry Waxler and Matilda Butler as they talked about the Memoir Revolution zinged across the phone lines–all of them deeply engaged in the excitement of teaching memoir and sharing stories through interview, videos, and teleseminar, and being part of the ongoing conversation about memoir writing.

Over 600 people signed up for the Telesummit, one of our most popular events at NAMW. I get ready for the marathon by making tea, cutting cheese, and setting out crackers. With only a 15 minute break between each presenter, I snack and prepare for the next one! My kitties stare at me, wondering why I don’t sit on the couch and cuddle with them for a while. Then I dial in again for the next presenter.

As we all know, writing our stories is only one part of the journey of our memoir–the rest of it includes focusing on our themes, the niche we might create, the topics we write about. Stephanie Chandler shared her wisdom of how to create a powerful and meaningful online presence while Joel Friedlander educated us about what we need to know about self-publishing, a big part of the current memoir revolution. We need to be well informed about publishing choices, ISBNs, design and creating a book that beckons others to buy it.

Members of the National Association of Memoir Writers are able to access these audios for free–we have five years of our premier programs, the Telesummits, and over 120 audios of our educational program.

If you’d like to buy the previous Telesummit audios, you can get them now, for $29.99 each. They include five hours of information about memoir writing, craft, marketing, and publishing.

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May Member Teleseminar

Sharon Lippincott, our May Member Teleseminar presenter, will illuminate  us with tips about how to write great and compelling descriptions-a skill that makes our writing shine. Please join us!

Have you ever felt like your writing is a little flat and drab and not known how to fix it? You might have tried amping up adjectives and slipping in similes, but even that wasn’t enough. Don’t be discouraged. This teleseminar will help you start transforming blah stories to brilliant ones.  Read more here.
Topic: From Blah to Brilliant, How to Write Compelling Description
Expert: Sharon Lippincott
Date: May 24, 2013
Time: 11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT 1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT
This e-book by Sharon Lippincott, Heart and Craft of Writing Compelling Description is one of the many benefits offered to NAMW members.


June Roundtable – Free to All

We are pleased to have as our guest a non-native English speaker and writer who began writing a memoir with the burning desire to write his story. With the help of coaching, networking, and a lot of hard work, his book Lost Decency just became a finalist in the the prestigious Ben Franklin Awards competition for independently published books.  Sign up here.


Topic: FromFirst Time Memoir Writer to Award Winning Author

Expert: Atta Arghandiwal

Date:June 6, 2013  


Summer Course with Linda Joy: Spiritual Memoir at Therapeutic Writing Institute

This course is designed to introduce students of all levels – from non-writers to professional wordsmiths – to the art of spiritual memoir. Through writing exercises and group interaction, we investigate the mysterious connection between the person we believe ourselves to be and the internal witness who sees beyond the conscious mind into the secrets of our hearts. By learning to shape life’s raw materials into art, we discover that our challenges are also our greatest sources of wisdom, and that even our darkest (or most unexpected) interludes carry within them the seeds of redemption
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June 15 Women’s Power Strategy Conference

The Women’s PowerStrategy(TM) Conference is a day-long, multi-panel conference inspiring all who attend to explore PowerStrategy: the HOW of power. 100 dollar registration includes all keynote speeches, full access to 28+ workshops in comfortable, professional presentation spaces, not to mention a sit-down lunch. Most Important: every paid participant AUTOMATICALLY SPONSORS a young woman (of your choice or through Girls Inc.) to attend FREE.Vendors. V.I.P wine reception. Free Parking. Info at website: http:// womenspowerstrategyconference. com/ 
The Women’s PowerStrategy(TM) Conference
Saturday, Jun 15 8:30am to 5:30pm
Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA


Bay Area Writing Workshop with Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

The National Association of Memoir Writers is co-sponsoring a workshop with Cheryl Strayed June 1, 2013 in Petaluma, CA. Click the link to sign up for the great opportunity to work with Cheryl. Learn from the New York Times bestseller about how to write a successful memoir! Her memoir is a classic, and her workshops are always sold out. We’re happy to be one of the sponsors for her workshop. Come and meet us, learn from Cheryl, and enjoy an amazing day focused on memoir writing.

Read more about Cheryl here:

Blog post about using Wild to help you write your memoir at
Laura Davis Retreat in Scotland August, 2013
THE WRITING RETREAT OF YOUR DREAMS GOES TO SCOTLAND–Join bestselling author Laura Davis for a transformative retreat in the heart of Scotland. Sink into the deep peace and unparalleled beauty of the enchanting Scottish Highlands. During your 10 days in this magical land, you will be immersed in the profound quiet necessary for deep writing. August 10-20, 2013.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Don't Call Me Mother by Linda Joy Myers

Don’t Call Me Mother

by Linda Joy Myers

Giveaway ends May 20, 2013.

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