The big news in the writing world, though it’s not entirely new, is the interaction between writing and the brain, writing and well-being and happiness. By now many of you have heard about James Pennebaker–he’s been our guest at NAMW and his books on writing as healing are well known. He talks about his research about how writing a structured piece, a true story, positively affects the immune system and helps to heal arthritis and asthma. He says that writing a story is more effective than simply journaling, but advocates that we put on paper our thoughts and feelings so we can see them objectively, so we get them out of our bodies. In my book The Power of Memoir I write about how writing about trauma and telling important truths can help to heal and transform your life.

This week I’m excited to talk with Debra Ross and Kay Adams about writing and the brain, and the neuroscience that is showing how writing makes a difference. I have known Kay Adams for many years, and she’s also been a regular guest speaker here at the National Association of Memoir Writers with her work in Journal Therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute. Debra Ross is a therapist and she and Kay are on fire about the new discoveries in the area of neuroscience and writing. Please join us for a scintillating discussion that will make a difference in your writing life, and perhaps the rest of your life. You can learn more about this call here.

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