linda-joy-myersI’m happy to announce that I’m speaking for Nina Amir’s Nonfiction Writers University March 17, 3 PM PST. I’m focusing on one of the most challenging parts of writing a memoir: the Muddy Middle!

The Muddy Middle—this is where you wrestle with truth, the inner critic, family and how to bring a focus and universal message to your story. Here is where your healing and transformational journey deepens and you find yourself exploring the larger territory of your story and your life.

  • During this teleseminar, you will learn about these issues:
  • You find out that you’re writing a healing memoir after all.
  • You’re starting to see new perspectives on the past and how you want to tell the story.
  • Truth—you have been wrestling with it alone, and now you’re doing it for a memoir? Yikes.
  • Family—what will they say; will they cast you into the darkness?
  • The inner critic—what if it’s right?
  • The now narrator—you were feeling brave and wanted to share your knowledge about life…but now?
  • You make surprising discoveries—that are not so comfortable.

In May, I present the final section of these talks about The Three Stages of Memoir Writing. We’ll be talking about the final stages of writing a memoir: Birthing Your Book—this stage includes developing your platform, and the revision and editing process that leads to you having a book that’s ready to be published and shared with the world. This stage is usually longer than we wish!


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See you there!


Linda Joy

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