articlesAs writers, we need to keep reading, learning, and writing to develop our craft. There’s so much to learn as we write and develop our stories–finding memories, taking care of ourselves, telling the truth, writing to heal, discovering our structure, and so much more. After writing, we need to learn about editing, marketing, publicity, and publishing.

On this page we’ll be listing articles, resources, and inspiration to help you get your book into the world.


Psychology Today Interview with Mark Matousek and Linda Joy Myers

The Master Memoirist and Therapist on Weaving the Dark and the Light — interviewed by Mark Matousek.

Click here to listen to podcast interview with Linda Joy and Mark Matousek.


  • Current Events - Free: What Made Love Warrior a Best-Selling Memoir? Monday, April 17th  4pm PT | 5pm MT | 6pm CT | 7pm ET We chose Love Warrior for the next installment of our popular best-selling series because of all it has to offer—baring it all, grappling with emotional pain and insecurities, deciding what to share and how much is too much. And, as always, we’ll be […]
  • The Creative Process The Creative Process - How do we create something out of nothing? Or perhaps a better question is—how do we create, period? Where does the creative impulse come from, and how can we find it? How do we know when we have “it”? These circular questions arise with writers and all creative artists, and there is no answer that […]
  • Pitch-O-Rama -   Pitch your book to agents and editors at Pitch–O–Rama on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM, at the Women’s Building, 3543 18th Street (between Guerrero & Valencia), San Francisco.  Sponsored by the Women’s National Book Association-SF Chapter, women- and men, too- will have an opportunity to work with professionals on […]
  • Free Webinar (Monday, April 17): What Made Love Warrior a Best-Selling Memoir? - SIGN UP TO JOIN US for this free one-hour installment of our popular best-seller series. Monday, April 17th, at 4pm PT | 5pm MT | 6pm CT | 7pm ET In this hour-long free webinar, Linda Joy and Brooke be exploring memoirs that bare all—and spare no one—using Glennon Doyle Melton’s new memoir, Love Warrior, […]
  • The thrill of our destination spurs us on The Psychological Journey of Memoir Writing - When we begin a journey, we’re excited. We pack our suitcase, imagining the moments to come. The thrill of our destination courses through us, spurring us on. We begin with high hopes for what we’ll encounter. I remember when I prepared for my trip to France not long ago how excited I was go to […]
  • How Do I Begin—The Most Asked Question in Memoirland How Do I Begin—The Most Asked Question in Memoirland - When you begin to write a memoir, you soon discover several layers to the process: there’s the emotional angst most people feel about writing about themselves, the worry about exposing yourself and your family to public scrutiny when the book is published. And there are questions about the craft of writing a story. After all, […]
  • Structure your memoir Structure: The Backbone of Your Memoir - We’re all fired up about STRUCTURE this month. Why? Because we see over and over again how important this key element is to actually executing a readable memoir. Plus, we know it’s a place where memoirists struggle, and there are some firm decisions you can make to ease your way into a structure that sings. […]
  • Storytelling in Memoir Storytelling in Memoir - We all have a story to tell, but ah–how to tell it, that’s what keeps us at our desk, scribbling in our notebooks, looking for the scenes and moments that we carry in our hearts. Our job as memoirists is to translate what we know and remember to the page, to put images and wispy […]
  • The heart and soul of memoir writing The Heart and Soul of Memoir Writing—Inspiration and Empowerment to Finish Your Book by Linda Joy Myers - I just returned from a retreat sponsored by She Writes Press, an event offer by my publisher in gorgeous Boulders Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brooke Warner, my co-teacher for the Write Your Memoir in Six Months course for the last five years, is also the publisher for SWP. The amazing stark landscape of Arizona with […]
  • Legal and Ethical Questions in Your Memoir - At most of our memoir events, whether it’s group coaching or our teleseminars, we get questions about legal and ethical concerns. When we’re writing “the truth” it’s our truth and our point of view, but as you know, there may be a chorus of other people who don’t agree with our version of what happened. […]