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Breaking Ground on Your Story–Free Memoir Webinar


Free Webinar! The 3 Building Blocks You Need to Write Your Memoir

February 25 at 4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET

Memoir writers need support both to write their truths and memories, as well as with how to begin and how to craft their story. In this free webinar, Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner, coaches in the Write Your Memoir in 6 Months program, explore the building blocks you need to get started and build out your memoir into a full book.

 Join us to learn how to:

1. Sketch out the main ideas of your memoir—and why you are writing it.

2. Identify the themes in your memoir—and the universal message.

3. Figure out the most important craft decisions you need to make when writing your memoir.






           Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers

Brooke Warner is the founder of Warner Coaching Inc. and the publisher of She Writes Press, a new hybrid publishing option for women writers. Brooke is passionate about books and helping writers finish their books AND get published. Brooke has been in the publishing industry for thirteen years, including seven-and-a-half years as the Executive Editor of Seal Press. She’s the author of What’s Your Book? A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You from Idea to Published Author (She Writes Press, 2012), a project she completed in six months.

Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., MFT, is the President and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, Instructor at Writers Digest,and Huffington Post Blogger.Linda is the author of The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story, Becoming Whole, and the award-winning memoir Don’t Call Me Mother, which won the BAPIA Gold Medal prize. Her workbook Journey of Memoir was published by She Writes Press. Linda has won prizes for fiction, memoir, and poetry. She offers workshops nationally, and offers memoir coaching, manuscript evaluation, and speaks on truth in memoir, writing a family memoir, healing through memoir writing, and how to begin–and finish–your memoir.

5 Things You Need to know To Become an Award Winning Author

March 6, 2014  Roundtable Discussion

Linda Bello Ruiz, Gold Medal Prize Winner

4 PM PDT   5 PM MDT   6 PM CDT   7 PM EDT

 Linda LBR

Linda (Cassells) Bello-Ruiz has written an award-winning memoir From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope. Originally from Redwood Valley, CA. She co-founded and directed The House of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Having never written a book, Linda did not she see herself as a “writer.”  She had to navigate a steep learning curve to achieve her dream. Not only did she work hard on her book—I coached her through the writing journey—Linda had to learn about how to present her book to the world and the various options/stages of publication. She worked hard in unfamiliar territory to achieve her well-deserved award, just as she worked hard in Costa Rica against all odds to create a safe haven for lost girls.

In this informative teleseminar, you will learn about the five things that helped Linda win her award.

  1. Perseverance against all odds—and passion for her subject
  2. How she assessed her audience
  3. The journey of finding her voice
  4. The editing and revision steps
  5. Her support team


BookFront cover LBR jpg

Linda is the author of From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope, which won the Gold Medal Award in the 2013 Illuminations Book Awards (Memoir Division).  Linda’s memoir tells the story of her remarkable journey from the darkness of despair and crushed dreams to the creation of a house of hope. A story about redemption, faith and purpose as she picked up the pieces of her crushed dreams and went on to co-found and direct The House of Hope for street girls, runaways and underage prostitutes in San Jose, Costa Rica. Linda earned a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from USF and a master’s degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University, and worked as a bilingual vocational rehabilitation counselor in Santa Rosa, California for twenty-six years. The mother of four grown children, she divides her time between Lincoln, California and Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico. She is active in RotaryInspire Christian Writers, the Northern California Publishers and Authors Association, and is president of the Lincoln Hills Authors Resource Group.


 FREE March Roundtable with Linda Bello Ruiz

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You’ve Written Your Memoir—Now What? | Steps on the Path to Publishing

Sam Barry

Member Teleseminar

February 21 2014 with Sam Barry

11 AM PST   12 PM MST   1 PM  CST  2 PM EST


With the publishing world changing every day, your head must be spinning with the choices you have to make. You ask, “Should I find an agent or should I self-publish? How do I know when my manuscript is ready? What are the best publishing choices for my book and theme?”


Sam Barry, director of the Book Passage Path to Publishing Program, is our guest for this member teleseminar. We will talk about what you need to know in 2014 to get your book from manuscript to finished book—up-to-date information about the publishing industry and how you can make informed choices.


Join us for an all-you-need-to-know conversation.


  1. Why you need an editor.
  2. Hiring a mentor or coach—what you need to know.
  3. What’s next: traditional publishing, alternative publishing, or self-publishing?
  4. Finding an agent and selling your manuscript
  5. What you need to know about book design and production
  6. Marketing, publicity, and distribution


Sam Barry heads the Path to Publishing Program at Book Passage. He is editor of and a contributor to “Hard Listening: The Greatest Rock Band Ever (of Authors) Tells All ” by the Rock Bottom Remainders. He is the author of How to Play the Harmonica and Other Life Lessons and co-author of Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now. You can find Sam on Facebook and on Twitter @sambarry.






Shape the Story Structure of your Memoir

 NAMW Member Telseminar with Jerry Waxler

January 24,2014  11 AM PST  12 MST  1 CST  2 EST

jerry_vertical2We are so happy to welcome back Jerry Waxler, an NAMW board member and veteran teacher of memoir writing in his community of Philadelphia, and here at the National Association of Memoir Writers. Jerry is going to teach his specialty workshop in creating story in February, but you can get a taste of what he will present here in this special member teleseminar.

When you remember your past, your memories meander, occurring in random order, leading in no particular direction. As a memoir writer, your goal is to fit the facts into the shape of a compelling and satisfying story. In this teleseminar, Jerry Waxler will help you achieve your writing goals by describing the arc of a story, and offer tips and examples to show how to apply these universal principles to your own unique journey. Come join the call to ask about your own story challenges.

For further instruction, sign up for Jerry’s four-session teleclass on this subject

What you will learn from the teleseminar

  • Why readers expect your memoir to follow the story structure
  • What a universal story structure is
  • Why different situations require a unique approach
  • How the theme of your memoir could suggest your own approach
  • How reading memoirs offers examples to help you write your own


Examples of memoirs with a variety of structures

Linda Joy Myers, Don’t Call me Mother (coming of age)

Cheryl Strayed, Wild (young adult. Externally it’s about a hike. Internally it’s about growing)

Sonia Marsh, Freeways to Flipflops (Midlife of a family. Their trip to Belize combines travel with personal development.)

David Berner, Accidental Lessons (Trying to reinvent himself later in life)

Boyd Lemon, Digging Deep (A story structured as a life review)

Martha Stettinius, Dementia Epidemic (the journey of caregiving for a failing mother)



Jerry Waxler, M.S., is an experienced memoir workshop leader and a member of the advisory board for the National Association of Memoir Writers. His blog contains hundreds of essays, interviews and book reviews about reading and writing memoirs. His book Memoir Revolution offers insights into the cultural trend and personal benefit of writing memoirs. Jerry teaches nonfiction writing at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Writing Conference.

Blog: http://www.memorywritersnetwork.com/blog

Book: Memoir Revolution

Storyboarding Your 2014 Vision | Free NAMW Roundtable Discussion

 New years

 The dream changes at midnight….

from “New Year 2002” by Amy Christman

 Roundtable Discussion January 9, 2014


We begin each year filled with hope and possibilities for delicious outcomes, manifested visions, actualized goals. This will be the year our books will complete, we will build websites, we will master social media! Then, usually before the calendar page turns to February, “real life” descends and we’ve lost that oomph.

I’m so pleased to have as our guest my friend and veteran journaler, visionary, and presenter, Kathleen (Kay) Adams! She is a master of creating new methods to help writing emerge and become real on the page, to invite healing through writing personal stories. Through her books, workbooks, and workshops, Kay has helped train and teach hundreds, even thousands of people through the years, to find their voice, and to invite writing as a way to the inside of their story and their hearts.

In this lively teleworkshop, you’ll learn proven strategies and techniques to “storyboard” your vision for the new year. You’ll be guided to–

  • conceptualize a vision for 2014
  • build the bridge from “here” to “there”
  • draw the map that will help you cross the bridge
  • discover the power of accountability
  • “jump time” to embed and embody successful outcome

Bring your journals or notebooks and come ready to start your own storyboard for success in 2014!


Kay Adams head-shot-205-small1-257x300

Kathleen (Kay) Adams LPC, CJT is the CEO/Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc. and its professional training division, the fully online Therapeutic Writing Institute. She spent 2013 actualizing her vision for the Journalverse, an online learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide. Kay is the author/editor of nine books on therapeutic writing, including the best-selling Journal to the Self and the just-released Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice. She has never quite grasped the difference between work and play.


Myers makes a compelling case for the power of words as a form of healing and growth.

James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D. professor of psychology, The University of Texas at Austin and author, Opening Up and Writing To Heal

...the NAMW memoir classes with Linda Joy Myers are wonderful

Kathy Pooler