How to Prepare to Write a Great First Draft in 30 Days

NAMW October Member Teleseminar Nina Amir November 17, 2017 11 AM PST  | 12 PM MST | 1 PM CST  | 2 PM EST Many of you may know that November is National LifeWriting Month, and the month of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge to write a novel, a memoir, or other long work, in 30 days. Some of you have done this before–you “win” if you complete 50,000 words in...

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On Being Vulnerable: Writing From the Body Straight Into Truth & With Emotional Power

NAMW October Member Teleseminar Albert Flynn DeSilver October 20, 2017 11 AM PDT  | 12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT  | 2 PM EDT Writing a memoir is emotionally courageous work. We need to be honest with ourselves about the endeavor. Often in the writing process we discover things we never knew, we knew. Stuff can come up, emotionally charged stuff. Some times the strong emotions can be frightening, and...

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Breaking Through Writer’s Block with Intuitive Collage

NAMW September Member Teleseminar Joan Stanford September 22, 2017 11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT  1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT We all have experienced that deflating moment when we question, “Why am I writing this?” or “Who needs another memoir?” In the midst of relating a poignant experience we are suddenly at a loss for words, our voice sounds flat and the delete button is over used. This critical place often...

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The Craft of Memoir – Write Like a Novelist

NAMW August Member Teleseminar–Marcia Butler August 18, 2017 11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT  1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT One of the greatest compliments I received when my memoir was published was hearing from reviewers and readers alike that my book “read like a novel.”  Most memoirs have a gripping tale to tell, which is vital not only from a publisher’s standpoint, but also for the expectation of...

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Explorations Beyond the Traditional Memoir: Taking the Authority to Write another Person’s Story

Denis Ledoux July Member Teleseminar July 21, 2017 11 AM PDT  12 PM MDT   1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT When you write your own memoir, you have access to the expert: you. While this is not easy, there are fewer hurdles to manage when writing about your life than when you write someone else’s story. You have to get into the point of view of someone whose life you have not lived. While writing through the...

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Myers makes a compelling case for the power of words as a form of healing and growth.

James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D. professor of psychology, The University of Texas at Austin and author, Opening Up and Writing To Heal September 9, 2014

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