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Memorial Day Sale

This weekend we’re celebrating Memorial Day to honor our loved ones and connect with family. A socially distanced cookout perhaps. A visit to a memorial with flowers. The stories passed around during holiday gatherings are part of the ritual—stories that get told over and over again—are you the one to preserve them? If you don’t, they’ll be lost and in those stories, there’s so much wisdom, so much inspiration and hope. The secret stories lurk between the lines but sometimes they tap on our shoulder until we face the message and the meaning. We need to write to take the memories and emotions out of our bodies and put them on the page where we can make sense of things. Weave together a narrative that allows us to feel complete. Story in our own voice.

This is a strange time in the world, and one that fosters reflection. Perhaps you feel it’s finally time to get those stories on the page that you keep promising to write. Your stories need to be told, your stories are deeply personal yet universal in their messages: this is how I lived, survived, managed the challenges, found joy, and here is how I make sense of all that.

For our NAMW monthly programs—three live conversations each month—we invite inspiring experts who have walked their own path, who have the wisdom and craft to offer professional advice—from how to begin your memoir to how to find an editor and publisher. And everything in between—craft skills, the process of dealing with the inner critic and family, and how much truth to tell.

Each month we offer the live Virtual Book Club discussion and member teleseminars to discover skills of memoir writing and experience a feeling of community. During our monthly NAMW member group coaching we discuss each person’s book and challenges, and look for resources to solve the problems.

Join us on our NAMW Facebook group! Tell us what you’re writing and reading, the new skills you’ve developed, and what is happening in your writing life.  Make sure to connect with us on our Facebook page as well so that you can follow important NAMW updates!


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This weekend only, May 22-May 26, you can join NAMW as a new member for only $119 or renew your membership for only $109.  This is a full $30 off our usual fee.  You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts and welcome package.

Everyone who signs up receives one of the New York bestseller classes I teach with Brooke Warner: InheritanceA Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love.  by Dani Shapiro. This is powerful book that explores identity, DNA, secrets, and the immediacy of a story unfolding day by day. Her language and structure invite us to participate in her search for self. ($29.95 value)  This is an audio/video package of lessons, and will be delivered as a member bonus via download after the sale is complete.


4 Week Class from Best Seller List: INHERITANCE—Dani Shapiro 

Class 1 HONORING THE STORY THAT WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE—Obsession and unconscious awareness of truth—the “unthought known.”

Class 2 HARNESSING SELF-UNDERSTANDING IN MEMOIR—Exploring who you are, layers of self, shadow self, imagined self.

Class 3 WEAVING IN THE PAST TO MAKE SENSE OF THE PRESENT—How to use narration to weave your story—tense, memory, flashback and transitions.

Class 4 THE POWER OF UNIVERSAL WRITING-How to make your writing resonant; reflection, takeaway and finding meaning in scenes and prose.

If you join or renew your NAMW membership this Memorial Day weekend, you will be eligible for entry into our annual spring giveaway. You could win:

  • A half-hour introductory coaching session with me (a $75 value)—we will give away two sessions.
  • A free copy of the transcript for Breaking Silence– one of our most popular teleseminars. (a $40 value.)

It’s our goal at NAMW to listen to your needs and get you on track for your memoir writing journey, from first thoughts to final draft to seeking publication.  We believe in the power of telling your story and sharing it with the world. It’s life changing for you—the writer, and for your readers. 

If you like to surround yourself with writers like you who are also eager to tell their story, join today!






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