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The Back to School season always makes me happy. I’ve always loved jumping into new classes and shopping for new pens and notebooks. Some of us keep those habits as we grow up! How about you? My new notebook is ready for more stories, and my new pen makes it fun to write by hand. The crisp scent of autumn starts a season of new beginnings as the year turns toward the night. It invites us to pick up projects that languished over the summer. It’s a time to refocus and reset goals and return to your writing project.

Here at NAMW, we offer many opportunities to learn about the journey of writing your story, publishing, and marketing. Experts like Grant Faulkner—leader of National Novel Writing Month in November, Sue William Silverman, April Eberhart, Jerry Waxler, Sandra Beckwith, Kay Adams, Sandra Marinella, Laura Davis, and Brooke Warner have been guests for our Member Teleseminars.

New authors, writers just like you, discuss their writing journey at our monthly Virtual Book Club. And the intimate group laser coaching meetings each month invite you to gather with other memoirists and talk about your themes, challenges, and progress. You’ll get advice and support from me and the group, and make new writing buddies. When you become a member, you have access to the downloadable audios of all our events—more than 100 are in our archives.

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Special bonus:  Educated 

From the 4-week Best Sellers series with Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner, you will receive the transcript, audios and slides of the workshop. 

Why Tara Westover’s EDUCATED is an Education in Memoir Writing and Staying True to Story

It’s the rare memoir that comes along and captures national attention with such intensity. Tara Westover’s Educated, was published to rave reviews. It’s the story of a girl born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho and her journey to find herself in spite of lifetime trauma and abuse. You’ll appreciate exploring the talent of writing about place, and using imagined scenes to explore the psychology of characters. All of us have to learn how to manage time in our memoir, and we teach the techniques that Tara uses to great effect.

The Power of Place: How to Transport Your Reader to Another Time and Place

Imagined Scenes and Speculation: How to Write What You Didn’t Witness or Don’t Remember

The Evolution of Characters: How to Make Readers Feel Invested in Your Story and Characters by Showing How People Change, Grow, and Decline

Time! A Deep Dive into Where to Position Yourself in Time—Where You Are Now, Where You Were Then, and Tracking Where Your Reader Is in Relation to Where They’ve Been



Special Bonus: Journey of Memoir

Linda Joy Myers

Journey of Memoir The Three Stages of Memoir Writing is a workshop in a book. You’ll learn how to begin and develop your memoir—from what happened to exploring the deep meaning of your life and the story you have to tell. There are lessons on how to find your structure to how to write a great scene; information on the difference between freewriting and creating a firm plan, and why you need both. Timeline and turning point exercises help you get started and create structure. You’ll learn about your narrative arc and how to create plot in memoir. Writing the dark and the light, writing to heal, all these avenues for exploration are covered in the book.

Read Journey of Memoir to find out about legal issues in memoir writing, and how to find an agent and publisher. This hands-on workbook gives you the tools you need to begin, develop, and complete your memoir.



Drawing for Free Consultations with Memoir Experts

Two 30 minute coaching sessions with Linda Joy Myers

We can discuss whatever is on your mind: how to start your story, writing about family, how to figure out structure and theme, and more—you choose!

Linda Joy Myers is president and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers. Her memoir Don’t Call Me Mother—A Daughter’s Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness was a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year Award, a finalist in the IndieExcellence Awards, and won the BAIPA Gold Medal award. She’s the author of three books on memoir writing: The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing StoryJourney of Memoir, and Becoming Whole. Linda Joy is co-author with Brooke Warner of two books: Breaking Ground on Your Memoir and Magic of Memoir. Myers writes for the Huffington Post, and co-teaches the program Write Your Memoir in Six Months with Brooke Warner. A therapist for forty years, Myers speaks about memoir, healing and the power of writing the truth. Linda offers private coaching for writers, and teaches ongoing classes with Brooke Warner.

Two 30 minute coaching sessions with Jerry Waxler

Jerry Waxler has offered to provide a free half hour session to help you strengthen your story, or develop your strategies, or address any other issue that you feel would help you keep going towards translating your life into a story. Jerry’s book is part of our free bonuses for NAMW members. He’s warm, welcoming, and loves talking about memoir.


Legal and Ethical Issues in Memoir: How to Tell the Truth Without Ending up in Court

Transcript of a presentation by Helen Sedwick

Memoirists are the bravest of writers. In exploring the journeys of their lives, they inevitably delve into the private (and imperfect) lives of others. Not only do they worry about awkward family gatherings, they also risk claims of defamation and invasion of privacy.

Can a memoirist write about surviving abuse without getting sued by her abuser? Can a soldier write about PTSD without revealing the incompetence of commanders and therapists? Yes, but common sense and a cool head are key. Considering the tens of thousands of memoirs published each year, there are relatively few lawsuits. Claims are difficult and expensive to prove. Most targets don’t want to call attention to a matter best forgotten.

Memoir writers need to be smart about the legal risks. They need to learn how to distinguish between the stories that are important to the narrative arc and the ones that are not. In this discussion, Helen and Linda Joy cover the important points a memoir writer needs to know to proceed with writing and publishing a memoir.



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